Launch of New Digital Book

The Packhorse Gallery are proud to announce the launch of a new digital book created in partnership with the WEA.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 17.32.16


Students who attended the WEA ‘Promoting Community Arts’ course held at the Packhorse Gallery were proud to showcase the iBook they had co-created at the launch event held at the Gallery on Thursday 17th July.

The course encouraged students to develop a range of new skills including blogging, creating digital books and iPad art – skills they could apply to other situations including local community projects and their own hobbies and interests. A key outcome of this course was the production of an iBook about the Packhorse Gallery, the artists who exhibit there, and the role of art and creativity in mental health and wellbeing. The iBook was the culmination of a great deal of hard work and reflection by the students and artists who participated in the project.

The launch event was a vibrant celebration of everyone’s hard work and positive experiences of the Gallery. Ashley Jackson, who had welcomed the group at his studio in Holmfirth, spoke about the importance of creativity for wellbeing; Phil Walters Head of Inclusion & Trust Lead for Creative Minds at SWYPFT, talked about his involvement with the Gallery; Rose Farrar, WEA course organiser, emphasised the importance of partnership work; Dr Sarah Holland, course tutor, congratulated the group on their achievements; and a student from the group highlighted the beneficial impacts of the course.


You can download the iBook for free from the iBookstore (

or as a PDF version below.


We hope you will enjoy looking at the book, and perhaps visit the Packhorse Gallery when you are next in Huddersfield, and most of all provide the WEA group with some feedback once you have the opportunity to look at the book.

One thought on “Launch of New Digital Book

  1. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project and thankyou to everyone who attended the launch event to celebrate the groups achievements. Thanks also to the staff team at the Gallery who worked very hard to ensure the evening itself was a success.

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