S2R Create Space, a real joint working project

As you’ll know S2R recently commenced relocating all our projects, including the Packhorse Gallery and workshop area, Create Space to Brook Street in Huddersfield (close to the open market & next door to The Citizens Advice Bureau) however, we though the name suited all that we do so much, we decided to name the whole new venue CREATE SPACE.  Today I wanted to tell you about some of the help and support we have received in making our dream come a little closer to reality 

It goes without saying that the Community Involvement Team at Cummins Turbo Technology have been amazing, they have already been supporting us for 3 years but stepped up even more in order to provide a team of man power and a vehicle to move our office within a day, ensuring no loss of service provision, they also provided volunteers to help fit new bathroom facilities and vitally, helped with floor plans and relocation of all internet services – offering hours and hours of free skills over past weeks and ensuring S2R get the best value possible

To achieve the eye catching signage, we approached Netherhall Campus, a local 6th form college we had been building relationships with for the past year,  and so worked together to ensure all lettering coordinated and were completed and fixed in a timely fashion, in return, we offered their art and photography students, prime display space within the Gallery

One of the first things we needed was paint, paint and more paint, I sent out emails and got a positive reply back from Leyland paint in Birstall, they have been generous in offering not only damaged stock and colours that may be less popular but if we have needed any particular item, they readily agreed too

Next we devised a poster, asking local businesses for support and I was tasked with hand delivering them! The results ranged widely, I managed to source sinks from HomeMaster, a worktop from Easy Bathrooms, taps from Atlas Bathrooms, and tiles from Hot Tiles. However, the crowing glory came in a phone call from The Ideal Kitchen Company (www.idealkitchen.co.uk) they had removed a nearly new, solid maple kitchen, from a house they were refitting and offered it to us free of charge. Not only that, they delivered it to us and then realising we were still struggling, offered to help fit and finish it with a sink and worktops too 

They say that challenging times bring out the best or worst in people, what we found was that the people of Kirklees have to be some of the most generous around, offering time, skills and equipment freely and only asking in return, for a successful service to continue and thrive where most needed. Support to Recovery aims to do that, providing a vibrant range of workshops, sessions and services from the new venue ‘Create Space’ from September 2016 promoting positive mental health, reducing stigma and offing creative opportunity for anyone over the age of 16 in the Kirklees area

Watch out next time, for how S2R staff, friends and family members have stretched their limits!

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