A photo with the artist? 

Earlier this week, S2R welcomed a team from Cummins Turbo Technology’s head office in America. There’s a full blog easily about that for another time but today I wanted to share comments from someone else blog.  Jacquie has been attending our services for the past year or two and is soooo creative that we asked her to come along and talk to our guests about what she gains from S2R, the following comments are from her own blog ‘The Textile Tart’

Yesterday I had the most amazing experience, “Youre always having amazing experiences” you say

This is of course true but this was was stellar

I attended an event yesterday where my scarves were on display to bunch of people I’d never met

The event was organised by those wonderful folk at S2R in the swanky new premises Create Space, Brook Street in Huddersfield

I was tasked with talking to said bunch about my scarves, my art and the journey which led me to be standing in front of them at that moment

I found it easy to talk to them as A) I did a lot of that sort of thing in a previous life and B) im very passionate about the healing power of art and could talk about it all day !

The strange thing was I didnt know these people were potential customers I was just told by my S2R friends to bring scarves … lots of them

So thats what I did

As soon as I got them out of the bag a “feeding Frenzy” began scarves were flying every being grabbed worn and drapred over things

It was like the first day of the January salesI couldnt believe the positive reaction that was generated – long story short I sold nine in no time at all

Now as you know Im having an identity crisis at the moment with my Artist Status

The lovely ladies who bought the scarves put them on right away and then I heard calls of “Can I get a photo with the artist?”

I was about to look over my shoulder for “The Artist” when I realised the meant me!

I was like being on the red carpet with the Paparazi , never have I been photographed so much in an afternoon I also rang out of business cards and have had to order more

Those lovely peolple arranged my scarves in lots of amazing and inspired ways giving me loads of new display ideas

I had some wonderful conversations ranging from international fabric dying techniques and The stigma that surrounds mental health issues, to scarves for doggies and why you always get an extra bit in an Ikea flat pack

I was truly blown away the all those people would choose to spend their hard earned cash on something I designed and made.

Quite a few of the ladies were from the USA and my scarves are going there!

we had a highly enjoyable afternoon eating cake, chatting and watching people take on the complicated task of building a flatpack cupboard

I even managed to make a bit of money for my lovely S2R friends too

Thank you to everyone who looked at ,discussed and bought my scarves

I hope you all enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed creating them

So my friends as you can see everyday I become more and more of an artist”

Above are some of Jacquies ‘customers’ if you look carefully, you can actually see that some are wearing her scarves! and the empty seat was the one reserved for Jacquie 

Thankyou  to CTT for visiting and to all our volunteers for coming in that day.

Create Space at Brook Street, Huddersfield,  will be opening to the public mid September, offering a range of creative, wellbeing & environmental courses, social sessions and refreshment area for further in formation on Support to Recovery, check out our website on http://www.s2R.org.uk 

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