The Leanne Baker Trust joins forces with S2R

As you know, here at Support To Recovery in Huddersfield, we don’t sit still for long, things move along at a very exiting pace

Last week we had our AGM, with special thanks and celebrations of achievements and the week before we had our brand new building’s Launch weekend but today I want to tell you about a new and exciting development

We have been meeting and talking to the people behind “The Leanne Baker Trust” for several months and building a great relationship, it became clear quite early on that we had the same goals and visions and so it wasn’t too long before we realised that we could achieve so much more by working together

Therefore we agreed that The Leanne Baker Trust will continue to promote mental wellbeing whilst they continue to fundraise on behalf of their cause, they will then make donations to Support to Recovery to help S2R continue to provide open and welcoming services in Huddersfield, that anyone can attend, you don’t need a medical diagnosis – you just need to want to feel good about yourself and your life 

As the chair of The Leanne Baker Trust is local artist made good, Darren Baker, he is keen to ensure his sister’s name is remembered and associated with positive outcomes but also to help with fundraising and promotional activities. 

Darren has already contributed piece of his original artwork and made a large donation to S2R which we are enormously grateful for and arranged for art supplies to be donated by a supplier. In the lead up to our launch he was interviewed on Radio Leeds and discussed the positive work both charities can achieve together and has recently returned from China where he walked the Great Wall to raise funds, before he went Darren arranged a fundraising event and asked S2R to help make room decorations, here are the final results

Please watch out for both The Leanne Baker Trust and Support to Recovery in Huddersfield and Kirklees over the coming months as we are sure there’s so much more to come ….watch this space!!

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