S2R, Community Voices & the CCG

A while ago S2R was invited to take part in the Community Voices scheme which is run by Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). This scheme is designed to help the CCG gain valuable information from the local community about how the NHS services are performing and what people’s views are on local health priorities. 

Last week, after carrying out some community research as part of the Talk Health project, S2R gained accreditation as a Community Voices provider. 

The CCG can now come to S2R and ask us to engage with both staff and service users to give feedback on various aspects of healthcare provision in our area, it’s a real opportunity for S2R and the people who use our services, to have a say in what’s important to them 

S2R has already been asked to be involved with 2 pieces of work in the New Year (2017) as part of our Community Voices role. The first is around Equality and Diversity and the second is a new round of Talk Health community engagement.  

S2R is a mental health charity which focussed on wellbeing and opportunity for all, we are based in Huddersfield town centre, if you would like to know more, our website is http://www.s2r.org.uk 

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