S2R at Huddersfield Police Station!

Staff from the Support to Recovery team were recently invited to attend the opening of a “Well-being Suite” at Huddersfield Police Station 

Attendees at one of S2Rs regular groups, were asked to create a positive and uplifting piece of artwork which could inspire others for the suite. So the self named “Crafty so and Sews” had each worked on smaller fabric pieces to create positive scenes and patterns, which were then stitched together to make a unique mural, which now proudly hangs in the wellbeing suite and has already been much admired by Officers and Staff at the Police Station.

This followed on from work completed by Louisa, S2R’s Well-being co-ordination, who worked closely with PC Elaine Burke and the Director of the Samaritans, Christine Pickavance to develop and deliver Peer Support Training to 12 Police Officers. 

The Peer Support scheme will continue to be supported by S2R and Louisa is now a member of the Police’s Well-being Support Team alongside the trainer Peer Supporters and Police Chaplain, Dudley Martin.  


If you would like to know more about Support to Recover, a mental health charity, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, please go to http://www.s2R.org.uk 



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