Stained Glass course through Kirklees College Wiseminds Project

Support to Recovery (S2R) have been working with Kirklees College to offer great community courses and a fun way to get back into learning skills and making friends, courses have included clothes up cycling, sign language and millinery, however, today I want to tell you about the stained glass course, which looked so interesting, I actually signed up to attend it myself! 
The course was advertised as being 6 evening sessions, one each week and as someone would need to stay to oversee and lock up the building, what better way to pass the time than joining in

Week one was amazing, we learn how to cut glass in straight lines and to break it safely using the correct tools, then moved on to cutting to a defined pattern. Once we had completed it and we’re all feeling pretty proud of ourselves, our tutor ( who is otherwise, a lovely man ) told us it had been a practise run and to throw it all way, as we were now going to cut the same pattern again but down to millimetre precision to allow for the foil

We are now on week 5 and all attendees have managed to make something they are delighted with and that other people look in awe at and wish they could make one. The group has a lovely relaxed feel and all offer each other good conversation, support and solutions on how to achieve a particular result with glass or soldering

We are nearing the end of our 6 weeks course yet none of us want it to end, so are hoping to continue by offering follow on sessions for course completers, which could ensure continued peer support, opportunity to experiment and access to glass and tools in a safe environment 

We already have another confirmed stained glass course through Kirklees College Wiseminds Project in May, which is already fully booked and are hoping to arrange another before summer

Support to Recovery is a charity, promoting positive mental health and independence, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (Kirklees) and I have seen the results of joining in such an interesting course first hand, it’s not always scary to try something new, this has been a pleasure! 

For more information on S2R, check out our website on 

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