S2R tops off MHAW17 With our 1st event night 

As you will have gathered by now, Support to Recovery is not your average charity, we do like to try new things that engage people, promote positive mental health & independent and, as we are still settling in to our new premises on Brook Street Huddersfield, we are enjoying finding out what works in the many stunning rooms we have, both for our own use and for future room hire options 
As it was Mental Health Awareness Week earlier this month, we decided to top our week of activities off with a special event that people would be talking about for weeks to come – and we actually pulled it off, big style! 

Our cellar area was on my mind, to call it a cellar doesn’t do it justice, as now we have renovated it, with the help of Kirklees College decorating students and grants from Cummins Turbo Technology and WDHCS, someone actually said ” you’ve got a great little venue here” and it got me thinking a bit bigger about what we could offer, here’s a few “before” pics, so you can see just how hard we’ve worked to make this “venue” fab

I had a chat with some of my multi talented S2R colleagues, they were very generous in offering up their skills and time and before I knew it, we had three local bands willing to play at a live music night. Jason, the team leader for our Great Outdoors project, playing resonator guitar with his band Hokum and Jade one of our project workers, singing with her group, The Band of Jays and plus Jason’s friend Boo Sutcliffe who offered his bands time too 

Next I spoke to another local charity, The Leanne Baker Trust, we have strong links with them and they jumped at the chance to be involved, offering to provide the food for all the guests and even donated first prize for our raffle – a print of Kenny Dalglish by well known artist Darren Baker, which was signed by both Kenny and Darren

Once we knew we had the basis of a great night, we set about promoting it and selling tickets. As most of the planning so far had required minimal costings, we set the price at just £5 to ensure it was accessible to everyone and decided to include the food and a range of non alcoholic mocktails in the price too. With no option to purchase alcohol, we wondered if people may be put off, however this was not the case, we were delighted to see that people who may not normally go to a pub or a nightclub, were buying tickets and that many single tickets were bought, we sold so many tickets that we had to stop selling about a week before the event and put notices out asking people not to turn up on the night unless they had a ticket as there was so much interest. 

The interest did not fade, on the actual evening of the event, up to 45 minutes before we were due to open, people started to arrive, however, we couldn’t let them in, as at that point we had no food or drink to offer and we’re running about finalising last minute arrangements. By the time we were due to open, we had a queue outside and cars were stopping to ask what was happening. We were finally able to open up and the evening went from strength to strength, we started with Hokum, the liveliest band and worked our way backwards, finishing with Jade, who’s voice was like velvet, with her band of Jays

I think we showed that S2R helps people in Kirklees to thrive not just survive! 100% of the feedback said they had enjoyed the evening and would recommend to a friend 

We would love to be able to hold more of these events and have set a date of 30th of June for the next one and even though we haven’t confirmed what the event will be yet, we have even sold some tickets for it… watch this space, we are talking to belly dancers, steel drum bands, morris dancers, line dancers and small cinema companies

S2R at our new venue called Create Space is looking good, tickets for our next event will be available through our website http://www.s2r.org.uk you can also book and pay for any of our creative, environmental or wellbeing workshops there 

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