WMHD17 Glen & Rory, mental health, homelessness & art

Glen Williams is a new member of Huddersfield Art Society and is currently exhibiting with them for the first time at their Annual Art Exhibition, on display at Huddersfield Art Gallery until the end of OctoberHis painting, “Industrial Landscape 1” won the Art Society Award for Creativity and is sold. 

Also on display, is Glens portrait of a local homeless man, Rory, which is part of a series of artwork by Glen, focussing on mental health issues. Glen states ‘Rory is someone I’ve seen on the streets for some years, I always give him something, whether is money or clothing. I then did some sketches of Rory and based the portrait on those. I know Rory has seen it and likes it.’ 

Glen had his own mental health issues in the past and used art as his own form of therapy, so was keen to use his skills to highlight local issues. He also continues to enjoy creativity by attending regular art courses at local mental health charity S2R

Glen has recently seen Rory in the area and was told that because of the portrait, people are now recognising Rory and feel more comfortable approaching him to chat or offer donations of food

If you would like to know more about Kirklees based mental health charity, Support to Recovery please check out our website at http://www.s2R.org.uk  thank you 

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